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General information needed as shown above.


Add the Merchant ID (in ID field) and Secrete Key (on Password field) you obtain from your Wirecard checkout portal account. Every transaction will be made using these data, so be sure they are 100% correct.
If you want your costumers to be able to pay using SEPA, you will need to get a Creditor ID from a legal Institutions and insert it in the Creditor ID (SEPA) field.
If you do not want to allow SEPA payments leave the Creditor ID (SEPA) field empty.
To accept PayPal payments you will need a PayPal-Merchant account added to your Wirecard checkout portal account.
Notify your costumers that the meal is ready to pickup with the Notification switch.
Generate a QR-Code with your menu card or product list.
Replace your physical menu card or product list wit this QR-Code.
With this QR-Code your costumers will be able to purchase goods from you electronically.